Wiley Student Relationship Platform

Wiley Student Relationship Platform

Technology to Address Your Challenges. Expertise to Drive Results.

In the face of extraordinary competitive pressure and the need to demonstrate outcomes, schools must excel at attracting, supporting and retaining students. But with fewer resources, changing student needs and the need to adapt your business processes, this is easier said than done.

Today’s higher education institutions need more than software to solve these challenges; they need a comprehensive solution.

The Wiley Student Relationship Platform combines an innovative technology platform with Wiley’s unparalleled expertise. More than a simple CRM system, Wiley provides the only solution in the market designed to re-engineer your business processes by improving institutional performance through insights, student success and action – solving your biggest financial and operational challenges. 

Comprehensive Services to Drive Meaningful Outcomes

We developed the Wiley Student Relationship Platform to deliver a comprehensive view of the entire student experience, from recruitment through graduation and beyond. It provides tools to collect, analyze and act on key data insights, so you can quickly and effectively recruit right-fit students, manage the entire student experience and support improved outcomes.

Beyond simply deploying this robust technology package, we support your school with hands-on analysis, practical insights and guidance to ensure that you leverage the software to its full capacity and drive meaningful outcomes across your organization.

Integrate, Aggregate and Analyze the Insights that Drive Action 

The Wiley Student Relationship Platform is designed to integrate with your existing Student Information, Learning Management and other core systems to provide you with a complete view of each student. Leverage your existing infrastructure, reduce the complexity of disjointed point solutions, and help your institution more effectively recruit and retain students to help them succeed and stay involved after graduation.

Robust, Integrated Modules

Built as an enterprise CRM cloud application that integrates with your existing core systems, the Wiley Student Relationship Platform provides a comprehensive view of the entire student experience and is delivered in separate but integrated modules.

You can utilize the entire solution right away or start small by tackling your biggest problem first—whether it’s marketing and recruiting, admissions or student success and retention—with the confidence that you have selected a fully integrated system that extends as your needs change.